FYC December 17-23

Scoreboard Heating Up: 32 teams tied for the highest winning percentage in the league, at .000 (0-0) Cooling Off: 32 teams tied for had the lowest winning percentage in the league, at .000 (0-0) Game Highlights 800 players tied for the league lead with 0 Game Highlights this week Transactions Waivers Promotions Free Agency Trades … More FYC December 17-23

S42 Playoff Preview

Those of you who have been around for awhile are familiar with the fact that I produce a Playoff Preview segment every year, and traditionally I have compared the two teams in every matchup using ERA, Runs Per Game, Fielding Percentage and Head-To-Head wins before making a prediction. During the MLB playoffs this season, though, … More S42 Playoff Preview

S42 Playoff Races

As we reach the 120 game mark, the Wild Card Standings appear on the Standings page and my annual Playoff Races blog is now underway. Take a look below to see where your team stands in terms of magic numbers, as well as my brief thoughts on how each of the races are shaping up: … More S42 Playoff Races

S42 3rd Quarter

As the playoff races heat up, here’s a look at how things stand in terms of who is playing the best overall baseball in FYC to this point. Playoff teams are in green, and theoretically they would take the top 12 spots here as the twelve best teams…let’s see how it actually played out: Rank … More S42 3rd Quarter

MLB Prestige Rankings

Every time that I updated the Prestige Rankings, or their predecessor, the Franchise Rankings, it would occur to me that I should do something similar for MLB in order to make comparisons between MLB and FYC easier. Specifically, I thought that it would be pretty helpful during recruiting cycles (ie “Come take over the team … More MLB Prestige Rankings