About the FYC

League Rules
1. In order to adopt a proposed rule or league action, 16 current owners must vote in favor of the measure within 7 days of the called vote.


2. In order for a proposed rule to be put to the league for a vote, the proposal must be submitted to the commissioner with a minimum of three co-sponsors.


3. Minimum Wins – Any team that finishes with less than 50 wins in a season will be removed from the FYC. If an owner fails to win 180 games, over a 3-year period, the league will vote whether to replace the owner at the end of the third regular season and before the next season begins.


4. Owners that accomplish a greater than or equal to 15+ seasons, a greater than or equal to .530+ winning percentage, greater than or equal to 6 division titles, and a greater than or equal to 2 World Series titles in the FYC will be eligible for the FYC Owner’s HOF. Induction is automatic after having met the qualifications listed above; however, no more than one owner is admitted into the FYC Owner’s HOF per season. If two or more owner’s have met the qualifications for induction in the same season, the induction criteria will be used by the commissioner to determine the order of induction for the qualifying owners. Once an owner is inducted, no change in the initial qualifications will remove an owner from the FYC Owner’s HOF.
Our Ownership

The FYC Blog Committee is composed of the following owners:

bruinsfan911 (world commish), victorzhao, bfhendricks

If you would like to become a part of the Committee or are interested in joining FYC, please sitemail one of the members and we will get back to you ASAP.

To learn more about each of the owners currently in FYC, check out the table below:


Owner’s HOF

Using the World Rule established above, the FYC Owner’s Hall of Fame currently has five members, who are recognized in the table below: