Franchise Rankings

Rather that use the Franchise Ranking method that I’ve used for quite awhile in FYC, I decided to switch to another scoring mechanism which I refer to as the “Prestige Rankings”…it’s pretty similar to the Franchise Rankings as far as content but the scoring is a bit different and therefore easier to keep track of, which is the main reason for the switch. For the Prestige Rankings, the scoring breakdown is as follows:

  • World Series Title = 10 points
  • League Pennant = 7 points
  • LCS Appearance [aka LDS Win] = 5 points
  • Division Title = 4 points
  • Winning Season = 2 points
  • Last Place in Division = – 4pts
  • Worst Record in the League = – 10 points
  • Owner Score = – 1 point for every owner past original (ex: 2 owners = -1, 10 owners = -9)
  • Win % Score: based on all-time winning percentage. 1st place gets 16pts, 2nd 15.5 all the way down to 0.5 for 32nd
  • Place Score = [5-(avg. place in division)]
  • MiLB Wins: base on all-time MiLB win totals & calculated the same way as Win % Score
  • Plus/Minus Points: based on all-time plus/minus ratio of defensive plays, each play worth 0.01 points. (ex: Burlington has an all time plus/minus of +714, so their plus/minus score would be +7.14)
  • MVP Award = 1 point
  • Fireman of the Year Award = 1 point
  • Cy Young Award = 1 point
  • Rookie of the Year = 1 point
  • Silver Slugger = 0.5 point
  • Gold Glove = 0.5 point

The table below reflects the standings through S41’s regular season, and the “Previous Rank” refers to where the franchise stood in the last edition of the Franchise Rankings as they were previously calculated. These will be updated as teams are eliminated from the playoffs and awards are announced.