S44 Playoff Races

Boy, it’s good to be back…Between finishing grad school, organizing the Draft Theme World and working several part time jobs I haven’t been nearly as involved with FYC, and especially the blog, as I’d like to be recently but hopefully this will make up for it. In my absence, the stretch run has started and … More S44 Playoff Races

S43 Playoff Races

As we turn the corner and head for home in this regular season, let’s take a look at who the standings say have a chance at the big dance after looking at which teams the Power Rankings claim to have the best chance a couple of days ago. Here’s how each race is shaping up … More S43 Playoff Races

S42 Playoff Preview

Those of you who have been around for awhile are familiar with the fact that I produce a Playoff Preview segment every year, and traditionally I have compared the two teams in every matchup using ERA, Runs Per Game, Fielding Percentage and Head-To-Head wins before making a prediction. During the MLB playoffs this season, though, … More S42 Playoff Preview

S42 Playoff Races

As we reach the 120 game mark, the Wild Card Standings appear on the Standings page and my annual Playoff Races blog is now underway. Take a look below to see where your team stands in terms of magic numbers, as well as my brief thoughts on how each of the races are shaping up: … More S42 Playoff Races

S41 Playoff Previews

It’s that time of year again: time to test my analytical skills and/or ability to predict the future with the Playoff Previews blog. I’ve had mixed results in the past, and I think I’ve even evaluated my success at one point (but can’t remember when or how I did)…regardless, the past is the past and … More S41 Playoff Previews

S41 Playoff Races

For the first time in awhile, I’ve got time to put together a Playoff Races blog…for those of you who have joined FYC since the last time I put out one of these, the idea is pretty simple: it’s a daily update on how the different playoff races are progressing, including the relevant head-to-head matchups … More S41 Playoff Races