S41 Playoff Previews

It’s that time of year again: time to test my analytical skills and/or ability to predict the future with the Playoff Previews blog. I’ve had mixed results in the past, and I think I’ve even evaluated my success at one point (but can’t remember when or how I did)…regardless, the past is the past and … More S41 Playoff Previews

S41 Playoff Races

For the first time in awhile, I’ve got time to put together a Playoff Races blog…for those of you who have joined FYC since the last time I put out one of these, the idea is pretty simple: it’s a daily update on how the different playoff races are progressing, including the relevant head-to-head matchups … More S41 Playoff Races

S38 Playoff Races

Heading into the final quarter of the regular season, some of the most suspenseful races will have nothing to do with the top of the table as the Titans and Spuds are both on pace to win fewer than 50 games and need to make strong pushes to meet the MWR. However, there are a … More S38 Playoff Races

S37 Playoff Previews

For once, my Playoff Previews may be somewhat on time for the Play-In Series {editor’s note: all the write-ups through Anaheim vs. Burlington were done on time, but I forgot to publish it. I also got to the World Series prediction on time.} …after a long season we are officially down to 12 teams left contending … More S37 Playoff Previews