S44 Gold Ink Test

Last season, I stumbled across JAWS scores & HOF Monitor scores right before HOF voting began and I then began the process of calculating those values for last season’s candidates in an effort to get a bunch of guys elected. In the end, I didn’t do the math quite fast enough and we didn’t end … More S44 Gold Ink Test

S43 Gold Ink Test

The last couple of seasons, my Gold Ink Test blog segment has taken a more targeted approach by focusing on those players I see has having the most realistic chance at making the cut for virtual Cooperstown rather than an overview of each candidate. The way that I have selected players to focus on is … More S43 Gold Ink Test

S42 Gold Ink Test

Last season the Hall of Fame nomination class was incredibly deep, with more than five guys hitting significant milestone marks that I would consider to be Hall of Fame worthy. As a result, not all of them got in so my votes this year will go first to those who fell short of the mark … More S42 Gold Ink Test

S41 Gold Ink Test

Now that Spring Training and Hall of Fame voting have rolled around once again, it is time for me to put together the annual evaluation of the HOF candidates using the Gold Ink Test. Following last season, the benchmarks were 15 awards for position players and 13 for pitchers, and while I was obviously unable … More S41 Gold Ink Test

S39 Gold Ink Test

Now that Spring Training is underway, that also means it’s time to vote on this year’s HOF class. That in turn means that it is time for the yearly look at the Gold Ink Test. For those of you who need a refresher or are new and didn’t read the entire explanation (at the link … More S39 Gold Ink Test

Gold Ink Test: S38

Each season, I look at the number of awards each HOF nominee won over the course of his career. I have dubbed this segment the “Gold Ink Test.” For those of you who need a refresher or are new and didn’t read the entire explanation (at the link above) here is the CliffNotes version: I … More Gold Ink Test: S38