Ultimate Trade Tests: NL North

The next division up in the UTT w/WAR series is the NL North, which features three long-tenured FYC owners and one who is just starting his first season here. Let’s get to it:

jongdavis: +52.19 Net Trade WAR (30.61 in, -21.58 out)

Since jongdavis took over the franchise, the Milwaukee Bulldogs have been a force to be reckoned with, and his ability to pull off shrewd trades is a big reason why. On more than one of these sequences, Jon dealt someone who would end up accumulating a negative WAR total and receive someone in return who would be good but not great at the ML level. Of the four sequences he’s currently got going, the most notable is one of these in which he got Stu Haas (21.20 WAR) for a package of three prospects, two of which have accumulated over -10 WAR at the ML level each (Danny Sherman & Xander Ciriaco).

midzim: 0 Net Trade WAR (n/a)

midzim stepped in as GM of the Minnesota franchise before the season started, and seems to have them on track for a pretty solid rebuild but has not made any trades as part of that effort yet.

csherwood: -2.98 Net Trade WAR (11.70 in, 14.68 out)

He re-joined FYC a year after the Update Era started, taking over my former franchise after I couldn’t quite get a fatigued pitching staff to the 50 win mark. Since then, he has rebuilt the team into a contender and trades have been a major part of that, although he is currently just in the hole in terms of WAR. The most profitable deal for him so far is landing Braden Griffith & Tony Martinez for Martin Knight. The most exciting wrinkle in terms of UTT’s would be the deal that saw him land Weldon O’Neil & Jose Sanches for Jason O’Keefe…O’Keefe returned to the franchise via free agency, so the WAR lost in that trade finishes up at less than 2.00, while the two players he landed continue to contribute at the ML level (oh, I almost forgot….Welcome Home, Jason!).

rquin9: -17.95 Net Trade WAR (18.70 in, 36.65 out)

Of the six pending trade sequences that Russ currently has open, only one has been taken further than the initial trade. Perhaps not surprisingly, that trade sequence is also the one that has done the most damage to his Net Trade WAR as well. After initially landing Louie Santos and Henderson Adams for Josh Walker, Santos and Randy Pence were traded away for Dorssys Espada. While that seems to be a swap that would be pretty even in terms of WAR, Russ was unable to hold onto Espada for long before trading him as well. What is a bit of a surprise, however, is that Pence has the highest WAR of any player involved in that sequence.



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