Ultimate Trade Tests: NL South

I have been going through and updating a number of UTT’s, and the NL South was the first division that I had multiple updates to do for so it becomes the first division featured in the UTT w/WAR series. Just as a reminder, this is a look at only the “Update Era”, with seasons that have occurred since the last major update by WIS…in the case of FYC, that is S34 and beyond. As far as a format, I’ll have a brief summary of each owner’s activity, and include a link to the complete breakdown for each. Let’s get started:

bigmattr: +17.71 Net Trade WAR  (48.25 WAR in, 30.54 WAR out)

Matt has always been very active on the trade market since joining FYC in S28, so the relevant “Update Era” section of his UTT doesn’t start until page 4 of the linked document. In that time though, his most intriguing trade sequence started in S34 when he received Henderson Adams for Orval Lawrence from the current New York franchise…eventually he would turn that into several seasons of John Kida as well as enough assets to acquire current starting SS Tucker House, among others.

 kersh03: -1.52 Net Trade WAR (7.44 in, 8.96 out)

We have just started our 8th season of the Update Era, and kersh has only made a handful of deals resulting in just three trade sequences. However, the deal that he made with the current Chicago franchise has seen some interesting wrinkles. It started out simply enough, with Erubiel Castillo coming in while Jeff Rhodes and Darrell Stein were sent packing. But then Castillo left after being an in-season rental and netted kersh a couple of Comp Picks, one of which he then traded. At the moment, Darrin Blackwell and Gregg Shoulders are the two guys on his ML roster who are connected to that sequence.

mike1184: -4.49 Net Trade WAR (132.69 in, 137.18 out)

Since joining FYC in the first season of the Update Era, mike1184 has not been afraid to trade future stars away…but he has done so to receive future or current stars in return and has ultimately come pretty close to breaking even, especially after the first deal that he made. Even that swap (getting Ivan Osoria from Burlington for Jacob Chen) isn’t looking terrible as Osoria accumulated 25.35 WAR for the Travelers before being dealt for a bundle of prospects this season, but Chen has close to 30 WAR so taken alone that trade gave mike -4.35 net WAR. His most intriguing sequence started in S34 when he sent BC Diaz and Tony Komatsu to Santa Fe for Pascual Machado, Dickie Griffin & Cookie Castilla. While Diaz & Komatsu have been a major part of the Bomber’s 3 rings in recent seasons, Machado has also thrived in Little Rock while Griffin netted mike some draft picks. One of those picks was used on a player he would later trade to land current starting SS Abraham Wilson making that deal one of several win-win trades mike has been a part of.

zeustis01: -86.05 Net Trade WAR (71.30 in, 157.35 out)

During the update era, Zack has had a lot of on-field success as well as being our commish for a time, so if you’re surprised by this result know that you aren’t alone. Also know that this number is probably somewhat misleading as the WAR calculations that I’ve used to this point a) don’t factor in the parks people have played in and b) don’t include NL pitcher’s hitting stats. Both of these adjustments, when made, will bring down WAR totals across the board, but I believe they should be especially kind to Zack’s net total because he has traded a number of pitchers to NL teams in the last eight seasons. Most of his sequences are pretty straightforward, although the one that has hurt him most also has several steps involved. The original deal was landing Billy Willis, Vin Osuna and Clarence Dresden (a combined 1.20 WAR) from Seattle for Juan Soto (18.70 WAR & counting) but subsequent trades have seen him deal away three others who have since accumulated 10+ WAR (Willis, Gill Fryman & Marc Payne), while the sequence has only netted him 17.48 WAR in total.






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