Ultimate Trade Tests w/WAR

When I first came up with the idea for Ultimate Trade Tests, I wanted to publish each one as I finished them. However, Chris encouraged me to wait until I had some Wins Above Replacement values to add to them because that seemed to be the main attraction to the segment. It was due to this suggestion that inspired me to differentiate between “completed trades” and “pending trades” so that I would have less work to do and could publish more UTTs. However, this didn’t really save me very much work because I would do the WAR math and then move on and I could never remember how current the totals were so I would end up doing the same math up twice and even three times occasionally.

When I started looking into the differences in player development for my scouting study, I realized that it had only been a couple of seasons since the update and decided that it would be easiest to focus on the “Update Era” (since S34) for UTTs to speed up the pace of production. I also made a couple other changes to make them slightly more interesting:

  • All players now have WAR values listed, not just those who are involved in “completed trades”
  • Players who are no longer earning WAR in a particular trade sequence have their total listed in bold
  • I have put together spreadsheets listing individual player’s Career WAR totals and a summary of each owner’s Ultimate Trade Test results

There are a number of UTTs that have been updated to include WAR totals all the way up through S40, and I will publish those a division at a time in the near future.



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