S38 Playoff Races

Heading into the final quarter of the regular season, some of the most suspenseful races will have nothing to do with the top of the table as the Titans and Spuds are both on pace to win fewer than 50 games and need to make strong pushes to meet the MWR. However, there are a few good races at the top as well: The ALS and AL WC headline those but several others are also yet to be decided. Read on to find out where your squad stands after the 11/10 PM cycle (Game #152):

                                                        AL North

Team GB Games Left (Meaningful vs. Division)
Buffalo 10 (3 @AUG, 3 vs. TOL)
Toledo 4 10(3 @AUG, 3 @ BUF)
Augusta 8 10 (3 vs. TOL, 3 vs. BUF)
Fargo 12 10 

The Clouds could look quite different next season as they have a number of free agents who  will likely not return to Buffalo, but the current squad looks primed for a playoff run. As long as they hold their own in the remaining contests against Toledo and Augusta they should be able to count on a spot in the dance. The Steel Ponies and Wind are both teams that could do quite well if they get in, but are both on the bubble at the moment.

                                                              AL East

Team GB Games Left (Meaningful vs. Division)
Burlington 10
Atlanta 21 10
Syracuse 23 10
New York 39 10

The Aphrodisiacs’ eventful offseason has put them at the top of the Wild Card stack right now, but they are just two games away from falling below the red line. With Burlington so far out in front of the other three teams in this division, Atlanta will likely have to fight to the finish for a Wild Card spot while Syracuse will need a strong push to get back into the conversation and the Legends are only mathematically alive.     

                                                             AL South

Team GB Games Left (Meaningful vs. Division)
Kansas City 2 10 (3 @CHR)
Charleston 10 (3 vs. KC)
Austin 13 10
San Juan 30 22

The Chews jumped 9 spots in the Power Rankings from Q2 to Q3, and that run has put them back into the playoff hunt. It took just 80 wins to lock up the top spot in this division just two seasons ago but Austin’s 74 projected wins this year will fall very short of a competitive finish and the Slammers hope to have a few more breaks go their way to avoid missing the MWR.     

                                                                 AL West

Team GB Games Left (Meaningful vs. Division)
Anaheim 22 
Honolulu 24 10
Vancouver 17 10
Las Vegas 56 10

All four teams out west are in tight races; three are currently in the playoff structure and one is fighting for its manager’s job. Last year’s NL champions are running away with the division, but the Canadiens and Island Hoppers occupy the 2nd and 3rd spots in the Wild Card race with Vancouver just 2GB of Atlanta’s WC1 spot. Meanwhile, the Titans are on pace to finish with 41 wins due to pitching fatigue in the middle of the season and leaving management in a position to approach the end of the year with a contender’s mindset to try and get back in the win column often enough to ensure they are brought back next season.

                                                                     AL Wild Card

Team GB WC 1 GB WC 2 Games Left (Meaningful vs. Division)
Vancouver +6 10 (3 @ HON)
Charleston [div. lead] 4 +2 10 (3 vs. KC)
Kansas City 6 10 (4 vs. AUG, 3 @ CHR)
Toledo 6 10 (4 @ SYR)
Honolulu 7 1 10 (3 vs. VAN)
Syracuse 7 1 10 (4 vs. TOL, 3 vs. ATL)
Atlanta 9 3 10 (3 @ SYR)
Augusta 10 4 10 (4 @ KC)
Fargo 14 8 10
Austin 17 11 10
New York 25 19 10
San Juan 34 28 10
Las Vegas 39 33 10

With seven teams within six games of each other at the top of the Wild Card race, this could potentially be one of the most exciting finishes that we’ve seen in awhile here in FYC. With that many teams still realistically involved in the hunt there will likely be at least one head-to-head matchup during each series for the rest of the way allowing for constant intrigue. At this point, it’s anybody’s guess who will finish in the top two slots.

                                                                 NL North

Team GB Games Left (Meaningful vs. Division)
Montreal 10
Milwaukee 6 10
Cleveland 14 10
Wichita 27 10

The Beavers have a very strong hold on this division, and with the powerhouse that is the NLS there will very likely only be one team coming out of the NLN this season. Barring a monumental collapse, the Beavers are postseason bound the NLN will be a bit of a snooze down the stretch.

                                                                 NL East

Team GB Games Left (Meaningful vs. Division)
Boston 10 (3 @ PAW)
Scranton 8 10 (3 @ PAW)
Pawtucket 9 10 (3 vs. BOS, 3 vs. SCR)
Rochester 17 10

It looks as if FYC original owner bfhendricks and his Beaver Poachers will end their two year playoff drought with a division title and 15-win improvement from a season ago. The Pawtucket Rhode Trips and FYC rookie HAWKEYEONE have the best chance at extending the drought, but in all likelihood will need to dominate the head-to-head meetings to make significant headway.

                                                               NL South

Team GB Games Left (Meaningful vs. Division)
Santa Fe 10
Tampa Bay 14 10
Little Rock 16 10
Huntington 50 10

Only in the NLS could a team have a record that would be leading at least one other division and still be 16 games out of the lead in their own…and yet that’s exactly the position the Travelers find themselves in. Due to this dominance, they do have a pretty comfortable cushion in the Wild Card department and look as if they’ll be the lowest seed in the NL despite being on pace for 91 wins.

                                                            NL West

Team GB Games Left (Meaningful vs. Division)
Tucson 10 (3 @ SAL)
Salem 7 10 (3 vs. TUC)
Seattle 21 10
Boise 38 10

A perennial power when I first joined FYC in S24, the Seals look poised to make their first playoff appearance since S28. However, Salem will look to put up a fight down the stretch as the division title is certainly their best chance at a playoff berth (they’re closer to Tucson in the standings than they are to WC2 Little Rock) so the remaining head to head contests in that rivalry are ones to keep a close eye on.

                                                                   NL Wild Card

Team GB WC 1 GB WC 2 Games Left (Meaningful vs. Division)
Tampa Bay +2 10
Little Rock 2 10
Milwaukee 11 9 10
Salem 16 14 10
Scranton 18 20 10
Pawtucket 19 21 10
Cleveland 19 21 10
Rochester 27 29 10
Seattle 30 32 10
Wichita 32 34 10
Huntington 36 38 10
Boise 47 49 10

At this point in the season, it will take a heroic effort from the Bulldogs to stop three NLS teams from making the playoffs. 



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