Owner Interview: leadmoose

Just after the All-Star Break, the Charleston Chews are 4 games behind KC for the ALS lead, and they are led by FYC-rookie leadmoose. Let’s meet the man behind the baseball team with close ties to a popular candy as Halloween rolls around:

1. Who is leadmoose in real life?  

Most people call me John. I am a Network Engineer and married father of two. When I am not working I am running the kids here, there, and every where.

2. Where do you live and/or where have you previously lived?  

I live in Kentucky, but I am originally from Indiana. Let the redneck jokes begin.

3. Who are your favorite all-time baseball players?  

Wade Boggs, I grew up a third baseman and still play it in softball today. Boggs could hit it and glove it. I think I still have every baseball card ever made with him on it in my basement somewhere.

4. Do you have any sports-related items on your bucket list that you have not yet done?  

Attend an NCAA Final Four. Preferably one with UK playing in it.

5. What is your favorite WIS moment? Least favorite?  

Taking St. Norbert College (DIII) to the #1 ranking in the Wilkinson World (Season 121) in Gridiron Dynasty. Least favorite, getting upset in the second round of the playoffs that same season.

6. Do you have any favorite players from any of your HBD teams?

Skeeter O’Connor, Louisville Lookouts, can hit for average, steal bases, play the glove, and drop an occasional bomb.

7. Why did you choose the city and/or park that you did? 

My kids love Charleston Chews. So, it seemed like a good fit.


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