Owner Interview:jain303

The Fargo Milligans have made a good amount of noise this offseason under new GM jain303, bringing in Manuel Polonia for the front of the rotation and several veteran arms to eat up innings at the back in addition to extending former top-10 pick Nerio Hill. Let’s see who is behind the action:

  1. Who is jain303 in real life?

In real life my name is Jason. Married, two kids, help coach my sons in sports…your typical suburban paradise.

2. Where do you live and/or where have you previously lived?

Denver area native

3.Who are your favorite all-time baseball players?

Favorite all time players are Tim Raines and Andre Dawson. Watched them growning up when they played for the Denver Bears (AAA farm team of the Expos at the time…that team was stacked.) The fact that Raines isn’t in the HOF just baffles me.

4. Do you have any sports-related items on your bucket list that you have not yet done?

I would love to visit and watch the major tennis tournaments (well, maybe not the French Open). That will probably happen way before the Nuggets ever make an NBA final, much less win one.

5. What is your favorite WIS moment? Least favorite?

Still fairly new to WIS (this will be my 8th season). Favorite moment has to be winning a divison title with a 74 win team.

6. Do you have any favorite players from any of your HBD teams?

No favorites but I love the WIS name generator. Best named player I drafted was a closer named Stone Holden. Best name I’ve seen otherwise is Stuffy Cox.

7. Why did you choose the city and/or park that you did?

Who doesn’t love Fargo? I’ve never been there but loved the movie and I’m a big fan of the TV series thus far (although season 2 ended in bizarre fashion.)


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