Owner Interview: Avalanche313

Avalanche313 is one of six new owners in FYC this season, and his Cleveland Cobras are looking to bounce back after a 68 win campaign in S37. To date he has extended Bernie Burriss and Ross Jenner while offering arbitration to Sal Stein, Marc Crawford and Johnny Risley. Let’s see who the man behind the mask is:

  1.  Who is Avalanche313 in real life?

My name is Randy and work in the finance/accounting field in Boston. Been married for 1 year now and surprisingly my wife likes to ask about/follow my WIS teams progress, so I guess I’m lucky.

2. Where do you live and/or where have you previously lived?

I have lived in the Boston area my entire life and went to college/grad school here as well.

3. Who are your favorite all-time baseball players?

Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, and Jake Peavy (the Padres version)
4. Do you have any sports-related items on your bucket list that you have not yet done? Not really, was able to hold Lord’s Stanley Cup when the Bruins won it which was awesome. Hockey and baseball are the two sports I grew up playing and still follow closely.

5. What is your favorite WIS moment? Least favorite?

Favorite moment has just been learning all of it and the decision making to go along with different strategies to get to the same end goal of winning. In Capra, my first season, I traded a back-up C for an aging CF and then flipped him at the deadline for a CF who I think can be the future when the team is good again. Least favorite moment has been another trade in Capra when I didn’t understand durability and other rankings making a trade that does not bode well for the future.

6. Do you have any favorite players from any of your HBD teams?

Yes, Ewell Fontenot on my team in Capra who I think can be my DH for many seasons, excited to see how he will do against ML hitting. Also, I really like how Derek Howington is looking – hoping he can be an ace for the Cobras.

7. Why did you choose the city and/or park that you did?

I was looking for a neutral park casue I’m nervous I wouldn’t be building a team that worked in an extreme environment. Also, I liked the Cleveland logo the best, though I wanted to be the Salt Lake City Silverback Gorillas but the name gets cut-off on the home page and standing pages which would have drove me crazy looking at, so I went for a shorter team name.


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