August 14-20


Heating Up: Santa Fe had the highest winning percentage in the league, at .800 (4-1)

Cooling Off: Vancouver had the lowest winning percentage in the league, at .200 (1-4)

Game Highlights

5 players tied for the league lead with 1 Game Highlight this week




Free Agency

  • Rafael Bonilla (SP-Scranton) signed a 4 year, $20M contract extension through S41


International Free Agency

DL Report

Placed on the DL this week:

Removed from the DL this week:

Noteworthy Games

  • None


  • The Santa Fe Bombers claimed their second ever World Series title (and second in three years) with an 11-inning victory over the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday morning
  • We will rolled and are looking for new owners! Please add your voice to the forum thread to promote our great league and ensure a quick turnover to S38. The following teams have changed ownership or relocated (new this week in bold, confirmed openings in italics):
  1. Cleveland Grovers became TBD
  2. St. Louis Faux Pas became Charleston Chews (GM: leadmoose)
  3. Chicago, AL became TBD
  4. Chicago, NL became TBD
  5. Monterrey became TBD
  6. Madison became TBD
  • Other blog posts in production
    • Playoff Previews
    • Franchise Rankings
    • Q4 Power Rankings
    • Career WAR Totals

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