An Investigation Into the Minor Leagues of MLB

Based on the results of the recent vote on the Minor League Rule Change and the ensuing discussion that has occurred in the World Chat, I figured I would do some digging into MLB’s handling of the minor leagues. The first thing I did was to compare winning percentages across the two universes at the various levels:

Level Minimum Win % in MLB FYC teams below MLB Min W%
AAA .259 (Mexican League) 1
AA .316 (Texas League) 5
High A* .250 (Florida State League) 4
Low A** .250 (South Atlantic League) 4
Rookie .171 (Dominican Summer Lg) 2

*for the purposes of this exercise, “Class A Advanced” = High A

** “Class A” = Low A… “Class A Short Season” (MLB) was disregarded.

So, that means that exactly 10% of FYC’s minor league teams (16 of 160 total between all franchises at all levels) have lower winning percentages than the worst “MLB” team at that level…that’s not too bad, but it could be better. If policing were to happen, who would do it? My gut says it would be the Commish’s office, and a couple of quick google searches on the subject didn’t turn up anything concrete so I’m guessing that not too many MLB owners are concerned about the subject either. However, there does seem to be general agreement that no “blatant disregard of the minors” should occur.

As a compromise, I will try to brainstorm a league rule that will act as a deterrent toward total neglect but is not overly harsh towards those who do not feel the need to spend oodles (is that how you spell that word?) of time on their minor league system. If that happens, I’ll put it up for another vote assuming I can find two people to co-sponsor it with me. I do appreciate all the efforts to keep the dialogue on the World Chat civil while also trying to explain your point of view and understand others…it really does make for a much more pleasant experience and is one of the reasons I consider myself lucky to be commish here.


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