Welcome to the new FYC Blog!

When I started blogging for FYC, I had a very idealistic vision for the final product: all 32 members of the world contributing posts on a regular basis to the point where the blog became more or less a baseball-oriented Sports section for a daily newspaper. Aesthetically, I had something very much like this in mind.  Obviously, the whole 32 owners writing thing didn’t happen, and I wasn’t able to figure out how to make WordPress work for me.

In the end Chris created the Google Site we had previously used and I’d email him links to post. Eventually, he gave me access to that site and we worked out the system that has been in place for awhile: I’d simply post them directly and then post in World Chat notifying everyone that something new was up. When I took over as commish, though, I saw the chance to get as many people on board with the production process as possible. At that point I had accepted that 100% participation is a total pipe dream, but figured there was likely some interest out there…and it paid off. Ben and Victor have stepped up to help right away and I’ve gotten a few responses to the effect of “I’m interested, but I want to prioritize my team over the blog.”

The next step was to solve the puzzle that was the WordPress website…and while I was doing that I got a Sitemail from Ben asking if I would like to be made admin of the WordPrss blog page that he had just set up after volunteering to help with the blog. Hooray, problem solved! Over the past couple weeks we have added Victor as a third administrator and transferred a good amount of the content from the old blog over to this one. In addition to that there are a handful of blog posts that are available exclusively on this site. They are the following:

  • S37 First Quarter Power Rankings
  • Where Are They Now? Spud Fischer
  • S37 Prospect Peek
  • kb22’s Owner Interview
  • June 12-18 (?)

If you have any suggestions for what we should post next, requests for more transferred  content or are interested in becoming involved in the FYC Blog Committee, you can post in World Chat or trade chat/sitemail any of the three of us and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.


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