Owner Interview – bruinsfan911

Since I have been appointed as the next commish, I figured it was probably time for me to tell you all a little more about myself. Also, I have learned a good amount about each of you that has participated and several others that have yet to participate, but I can’t recall publicly sharing a lot of those conversations so I feel like I owe it to you guys to make that information public at this time. Without further ado, here are my responses:



  • Who is bruinsfan911 in real life?


My name is Ellis, and I am a student at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. Chances are good you’ve never heard of it before because the town’s population of about 6,000 people includes 2,400 students and is located an hour south of Ottawa. I graduated this past Sunday, but will be returning to St. Lawrence for my masters in Education in the fall as well.


  • Where do you live and/or where have you previously lived?


When I’m not at school I live in Massachusetts, about 35 minutes outside of Boston (who from Mass isn’t 30-45 minutes outside the city, right?) My hometown is often confused for being in downtown Boston, however, as it is named after the same guy as Harvard University.


  • Who are your favorite all-time baseball players?


Jason Varitek is #1 on the list, but in truth, the entire 2004 World Series team has a special place in my heart as it does with pretty much every Red Sox fan that witnessed the reversal of the Curse. My second favorite team is the Rockies, so Tulo and Matt Holiday are also guys that I like a lot and I imagine Arenado & Trevor Story will soon be in the conversation as well.


  • Do you have any sports-related items on your bucket list that you have not yet done?


I would really like to attend an MLB or NHL playoff game, but I am also a soccer fan so getting tickets to a World Cup game has always been a dream of mine as well. During the Boston 2024 debate, I was on the pro side for a number of reasons but being able to have such close access to the Olympic Games was certainly not an insignificant factor. In short, I’m young enough that I still have a lot of things to check off on this particular list.


  • What is your favorite WIS moment? Least favorite?


The part of the game that I enjoy the most (other than the stats & running the blog, which is a true labor of love for me) is the Amateur Draft and scouting in general. The strategy and possibility involved in Draft Day is something that I find highly entertaining regardless of sport, so to be able to experience what GMs do even virtually is pretty cool. As a result, the most memorable event in my Hardball career thus far was the S27 draft when I was able to snag Jason O’Keefe and Pedro Gandarillas with a pair of top-10 picks. My biggest regret, by far, is the fact that I was trigger-happy on the trade market as a new owner and missed out on the chance to have a nucleus of O’Keefe, Gandarillas, Troy Gray and Chico Guerrero to build around.  


  • Do you have any favorite players from any of your HBD teams?


Those four that I just mentioned are certainly the ones that come to mind off the top of my head, as they were all 1st round picks from my first five FYC seasons. Ever since I realized what I let slip through my fingers, I’ve been pulling for those guys from afar.


  • Why did you choose the city and/or park that you did?


When I owned the current Wichita franchise, I tried to build my team around my parks (Minnesota & Sioux Falls). Obviously that didn’t work out so well…which played into my decision making when I rejoined FYC in terms of what park to choose. Rather than build a team around a park, I figured I’d choose a park that played to the strengths of the team I already had and go from there.



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