S42 3rd Quarter

As the playoff races heat up, here’s a look at how things stand in terms of who is playing the best overall baseball in FYC to this point. Playoff teams are in green, and theoretically they would take the top 12 spots here as the twelve best teams…let’s see how it actually played out: Rank … More S42 3rd Quarter

MLB Prestige Rankings

Every time that I updated the Prestige Rankings, or their predecessor, the Franchise Rankings, it would occur to me that I should do something similar for MLB in order to make comparisons between MLB and FYC easier. Specifically, I thought that it would be pretty helpful during recruiting cycles (ie “Come take over the team … More MLB Prestige Rankings

S42 All Star Break

The true mid-way point of the season, game #81, occurred over the weekend. However, I was out of town and missed the chance to record the win percentages of the league at that point so I will settle for the unofficial mid-point: the All-Star Break. At the quarter-pole, the top seven teams all had Projected … More S42 All Star Break

S42 First Quarter

We are just over a quarter of the way through S42, so I’m a little delinquent in getting this post up, but the numbers reflect how things stood through the first 41 contests of the year. There are things to keep an eye on at the top and bottom of the table at the moment, … More S42 First Quarter

Max Men

Alex Komatsu’s contract this offseason made me start thinking about the history of maximum contracts in FYC, so I did a little bit of digging. I looked through all current rosters to try and pick out guys who are still active who have signed max deals previously. To find the guys who have retired but … More Max Men