S43 Gold Ink Test

The last couple of seasons, my Gold Ink Test blog segment has taken a more targeted approach by focusing on those players I see has having the most realistic chance at making the cut for virtual Cooperstown rather than an overview of each candidate. The way that I have selected players to focus on is … More S43 Gold Ink Test

FYC December 17-23

Scoreboard Heating Up: 32 teams tied for the highest winning percentage in the league, at .000 (0-0) Cooling Off: 32 teams tied for had the lowest winning percentage in the league, at .000 (0-0) Game Highlights 800 players tied for the league lead with 0 Game Highlights this week Transactions Waivers Promotions Free Agency Trades … More FYC December 17-23

S42 Playoff Preview

Those of you who have been around for awhile are familiar with the fact that I produce a Playoff Preview segment every year, and traditionally I have compared the two teams in every matchup using ERA, Runs Per Game, Fielding Percentage and Head-To-Head wins before making a prediction. During the MLB playoffs this season, though, … More S42 Playoff Preview