S46 Gold Ink Test

Welcome back to WFYC, I’m your host Scoop McGillicutty! Today we are going to focus on the Hall of Fame, specifically the players who are most deserving of election in the upcoming season. For the last couple of seasons, I have used the Hall of Fame Monitor score developed by my colleague Bill James to … More S46 Gold Ink Test


Hello and welcome back to WSTN, currently also broadcasting live on WFYC, I’m your host Lynn Adams! Today we welcome back Wichita Warriors owner William Sisco for our second conversation of the season. Today we will be discussing his evaluation of the pitching staff that he inherited when he bought the franchise from Matt Booker … More WFYC/WSTN #2

WFYC Partnership

Scoop McGillicutty here with breaking news out of the WFYC offices! We are excited to announce a new partnership with WSTN in Wichita, who have recently begun similar coverage of Steinbrenner world’s Wichita Warriors! While we wait for the season to get underway here, we will broadcast the reports coming out of WSTN here on … More WFYC Partnership

WFYC Intro

I recently started a forum thread which documents my efforts to save a couple of my other teams using the information from a previous thread started by longtime FYC member csherwood which had been titled “WKRP Radio: aka how to save a disaster.” Another longtime member of FYC, benhendricks, contributed to the blog for a … More WFYC Intro