S44 Awards Snubs

This year’s edition of the Awards Snubs blog features a new method for calculating park-adjusted WAR. If and when I get some time, I will use this WAR method on previous seasons too, but for now here are the results of the updated version and my votes in each category: AL MVP Actual Winner (WAR) … More S44 Awards Snubs

S44 Playoff Races

Boy, it’s good to be back…Between finishing grad school, organizing the Draft Theme World and working several part time jobs I haven’t been nearly as involved with FYC, and especially the blog, as I’d like to be recently but hopefully this will make up for it. In my absence, the stretch run has started and … More S44 Playoff Races

S44 Gold Ink Test

Last season, I stumbled across JAWS scores & HOF Monitor scores right before HOF voting began and I then began the process of calculating those values for last season’s candidates in an effort to get a bunch of guys elected. In the end, I didn’t do the math quite fast enough and we didn’t end … More S44 Gold Ink Test

S43 Playoff Races

As we turn the corner and head for home in this regular season, let’s take a look at who the standings say have a chance at the big dance after looking at which teams the Power Rankings claim to have the best chance a couple of days ago. Here’s how each race is shaping up … More S43 Playoff Races