World Rankings 2019

Earlier this week, I was on the Hardball Dynasty forum to get a question answered, when I happened to see that the “World Rankings 2018” thread had gotten some new life. When I clicked on it, I noticed that the “new life” it was getting was people observing how outdated the numbers were…bummer right? Well, … More World Rankings 2019

S48 Gold Ink Test

Welcome once again to WFYC…I’m your host Scoop McGuillicutty checking in with annual look at the Hall of Fame voting debate! Last season, we failed to elect anyone although we got rather close with Dorssys Espada and Tony Komatsu. This season, I would suggest that finishing the job on those two should be priority #1 … More S48 Gold Ink Test

Celebrating Obie

Last July, I proposed an update to the way in which we elect owners to the Owner’s Hall of Fame. At the time, it was never officially approved via a world vote…however, given the recent movement on the World Chat to put longtime owner (and FYC original) obiewon777 into the Hall, it makes sense to … More Celebrating Obie